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August 09, 2010


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Where can I get those t-shirts?

They were a limited-edition run of just 50 T-shirts (so if you got one at JSM, consider it a collector's item!). They seemed pretty popular though, so we might have to do some more...

"R has the best models" really? way to make women feel comfortable here guys.

No offense intended -- I'm just a sucker for a pun. I was going to go with Box's "all models are wrong" quote, but that seemed even less appropriate.

Comment deleted: offensive.

I'm with Liz. .. and she has a point on a higher level too:
Why do we have so few "top notch" female R programmers?

Liz, do you have any idea how to "make women feel comfortable",
not primarily on web places about R,
but rather among the sophisticated R developers?

Liz/Martin -- that's a great point. I'd love to hear suggestions on getting women more involved with R generally. If anyone else has suggestions, please comment here.

I like the pun; it's clever. It's just along with a photo of women posing as "booth babes" that makes it feel like a male-only atmosphere. I think it everyone just thought about the R community as an inclusive place, we'd be better off! thanks for the responses!

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