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September 28, 2010


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Just FYI, Google Summer of Code has sponsored other R projects this year in other organizations, as well. For example, Conrad Stack made RBrownie, an R interface to the C++ program Brownie, which implements various biological analyses (Luke Harmon and I were mentors): it's now up on CRAN and an application note is in the works. [And Dirk and others involved in Rcpp were quite helpful during the development -- thanks!]

The gglot2 GUI in Deducer is a good first step. Of course, most of us like the fine control of scripting plots, but it is sometimes nice to point-and-click a few charts when poking around data, and I also like building a basic chart with Deducer then fine tuning with the generated code.

Maybe Revolution would consider creating a similar plotting interface when building the rumored RevR GUI tools? I think the "grammar of graphics" paradigm works extremely well with a charting GUI.

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