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September 17, 2010


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Can we use Revolution Enterprise and the big data package o Ubuntu yet



Ps. I use VM player for multiple OS-though not sure you can use VM player on Mac etc

I see you do have support for the platforms "
Wide Platform Support: Available for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.:

I am not sure but what would be effort required in porting R Enterprise from Red Hat Linux to Ubuntu/Debian

The recent changes to Apple's developer guidelines could permit R, but with a silly restriction on downloaded code


Maybe we could write packages as free "in app purchases" and have core R on the ipad/iphone. As for the jailbroken iOs devices, at least the new ipod touches and iphones have a boot rom vulnerability which will allow jailbreaking a whole class of devices without Apple's software updates causing a problem.

If the R community *truly* wants to advance into the tablet / cloud age, we'll *stop* futzing around with jailbreaking, trying to shoehorn a 20-year-old mix of (gcc) C, C++ and FORTRAN onto low-frequency ARM processors, remote desktops / virtualizers and all that other reverse engineering horseshit! Android clients are best programmed in the Android dialect of Java, iPhone/iPad clients are best programmed in Objective C, and browsers the world over are best programmed in HTML5/CSS/Javascript.

For servers, there's Rapache and all the other server, cloud and cluster technology we can and will build. You can run an R back end underneath Rails (Ruby) or Django (Python) or Catalyst (Perl) or any of the dozens of Java web frameworks. I'm sure with a little glue logic you can do it for .NET or PHP. Let's have more *forward* engineering, the likes of what Revolution Analytics is doing. Otherwise, R will end up firmly locked into the desktop age.

i can not run R on the new ipad, althought i do everything:
+ Install R-packages from cydia
+ in stall SSH
but when i run R (on SSH) i recieve the note: "Kill 9"
help me!!
my ipad was jeakbreaken.
thank very much.

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