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January 28, 2013


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Is that attempt from behind the 80-yard line correct? Wikipedia says the longest attempt in NFL history was 76 yards: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Field_goal_(American_and_Canadian_football)#Longest_field_goal_records

I think the relevant data is probably fgs from the 2012 season which has seen an increase in makes from beyond 50 yards

" if the kick is longer than 50 yards, there's pretty much no chance" No. You mean if a kick is taken from beyond the 50 yard line. Lots of kicks "longer than 50 yards" are made every season.

It would be far more useful / interesting for someone to provide the comparison vs the probability of 4th and X (yards) situations.

Joe: You're right. The very long attempts are just errors in the data. See the original Decision Science News posts for the actual lines of data.

I don't particularly follow football, but I love the fact that this graph almost follows the trajectory of a field goal kick.

This maybe change depending on the players. But I wonder what's the importance of getting this kind of data.

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