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April 08, 2013


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I've tried


It downloads the package but it says:
Error: Command failed (1)

I've googled it and found that can be related with path spaces.

i've downloaded the zip tarball and tried to install "from local zip". It creates a subfolder in the library folder but it doesn't add any item to the packages menus. then I can't load it.

How can I solve this problem keeping R in C:\program files\...

I also get an error

> devtools::install_github("bigvis")
Installing github repo(s) bigvis/master from hadley
Installing bigvis.zip from https://github.com/hadley/bigvis/archive/master.zip
Error in function (type, msg, asError = TRUE) :
Could not resolve host: github.com; No data record of requested type

That's odd - I tried:

and it worked.

Are you behind a proxy, or something similar?


Where can I find the commands used to get those results and graphics?

bigvis.pdf doesn't explain it.


amparo - I think what you are looking for is here https://github.com/hadley/bigvis-infovis .

Piers Harding

Rtools are required!

All I can produce is "object 'storage' not found", no matter what I do or what kind of data I used! Even for something as simple as bin(runif(10)). The capabilities looked brilliant at last night's LondonR meeting, and I routinely work on millions of row/columns, so if anyone has any idea? Regards, Paul.

"R version 3.0.0 (2013-04-03)" on Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise via RStudio 0.97.551.

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