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February 06, 2014


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I have just recently (Jan 13, 2014) published an R introduction in "the" German computer magazine, c't. The case study I use is the Basel (Switzerland) temperature data set of the last 150 years.
I show graphical ways of looking at the data but also how to fit models.

It is all in German, but there are lots of pictures, too :-)
I am not in a position to distribute the article since this is the business of the magazine but it is available for Euro 2.50:


Hi, I just run your script and get the error message: Error in seq.int(0, to0 - from, by) : 'to' cannot be NA, NaN or infinite .
How do I tune my R when running your script?
Thank you

Hi Yishin:

This is Ram. Joe's script works for me. If you can send me email at ramnarasimhan at gmail dot com, I could maybe try and help.


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