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February 10, 2014


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Now that Canada is up to 9 medals (hurray!), the horizontal scale (in the Shiny app) has switched to ticks at 0, 2.5, 5, 7.5. This is not ideal for numbers that must be integers.

I don't think the underlying ggplot code is using the pretty() function to find tick locations, because I can't seem to force it to pick those numbers. Maybe it should, or Tyler's code should?

I think you are incorrect when you say @Ramnath Vaidyanathan created the shiny version. He's created a lot of nifty things but I think credit goes to Ty Henkaline.

You can absolutely put a live version on the blog. Take a look at the source for the base example on http://www.rstudio.com/shiny/ (I have no idea if the paste I'm going to do will be processed well by your blogging setup):

<iframe id="example1" src="http://glimmer.rstudio.com/rstudio/faithful/" style="border: none; width: 440px; height: 500px"></iframe>

It's just a matter of using iframes.

It's best if you use minimal adornment (to be able to fit it easier on a page) but the iframe solution works pretty well, especially if it's same-origin (i.e. being loaded from the same domain). Some extensions block non-same-origin iframes by default (iframes are the bane of us security-fold) but they can be used for good as well as evil.

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