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May 26, 2017


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Twenty years ago, R did not exist. You took pen and paper and you applied Bayes theorem. If you need to use a program with a lot of code lines you are lost in any city without google maps. Is this AI or A stupidity?

On the other hand, I feel that the stereotypical thinkings are in the mind of Robert Kelly. Why does not he stop to talk and take his son out of the room? His wife appears as a nanny, really, surprised, submissive, scared... Are we in XXI century?

Very interesting post!
When i first saw the video i find in hilarious, a very nice reminder that we should not only focus on gloomy things as situation in North Korea.

However i think you missed a rather important piece of 'evidence'. Namely, that Mrs Kim looks so much younger than Professor Kelly. Yes, i assumed that Mrs Kim is a nanny, not because of ethnicity but because she looks so young. Would be interesting what the result would be if you consider even this aspect.
On a side note, an irrelevant information. i'm proud father of a mixed girl, European father Asian mother.

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