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January 06, 2009


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Thanks for the mention!

I just spent the holidays reading the ggplot2 book Hadley so kindly provides free online. I'm helping to teach an R course next summer and I've been tasked to cover plotting. ggplot2 will clearly make my life and that of the students far easier than had I tried to teach lattice.

As a cognitive scientist, I also quite like the default use of the HCL color scheme, ensuring that manipulations of hue via the "color" argument aren't confounded with variation in chroma and luminance.

What is missing from the otherwise VERY useful chapter "Getting started with qplot" in Hadley Wickham's fine book are two small, but critical, commands for the newbie (like me):

> library(ggplot2)
> data(diamonds)

I had assumed that after I installed the package I was good to go. However, as all of you experienced R guys know these commands are needed to use the qplot() function and the diamonds sample database in each new R session.

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