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March 23, 2009


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How about changing the background colour to something neutral? e.g. bg="grey50" looks better to my eyes.

At the always useful Quick-R website ( http://www.statmethods.net/advgraphs/correlograms.html ) you can find several examples of correlograms, i.e. "techniques to display the pattern of correlations in terms of their signs and magnitudes using visual thinning and correlation-based variable ordering."

Thanks for your good advices. And I made some changes about my code, now we can change the fill color and background color freely. See code here.
And see four graphs of correlation matrix in my Picasa here.

Andrew Gelman adds some comments on his blog. I agree that the circles on the diagonal are distracting -- might be best just to leave those cells blank in the graphic.

I think instead of black and gray circles on a white background as you suggest, it would be better to have black and white circles on a gray background.

To make easier reading can you restrict the correlogram to the lower part of the matrix & leave out the diagonal (which is 1, by definition) ?

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