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April 28, 2009


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Aren`t rating agencies have a wider access to proprietory data like even positions?

The ratings agencies do have access to different data sources, and I didn't mean to imply the models were exactly the same. But in broad strokes, the same *kinds* of data were used for practically all the models (even if the exact values weren't identical from agency to agency). And more importantly, none of the models used very long histories (probably because the data simply weren't available): 10-20 years was the norm as I saw it.

The updated link is the following: http://www.asymptotix.eu/content/european-union-legislating-ratings-process-towards-open-source-model

Thanks, I've updated the link.

The credit ratings are important source to detect the success of diversified companies via credit control and credit ratio detections , these help in rating the business flow accordingly .

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