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June 03, 2009


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Google can't find any documentation for randomShubbery - can you help?!

randomShrubbery is available with REvolution R Enterprise. It's part of the included ParallelR suite.

The link of Max Dama is not there!!! Can u help??
Not Found

The requested URL /2009/05/decision-tree-bagging-system-r-code.html was not found on this server.

Hi Jose, look like Max Dama's site changed its link structure. I updated the link.

Hello David,
Can one use .xdf fileas input to randomshruberry? and how is the memory consumption.
I mean, I have a 10GB .xdf file, 7millioin obs & 300 variables (regression problem) & a 32GB ram quad core laptop. I was hoping randomshruberry can work with xdf.

Hi David, I will like to know if randomshruberry works with .xdf files as well

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