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May 27, 2009


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For those reading this fantastic post but not interested in setting up / maintaining their own EC2 instances, Monkey Analytics (http://www.monkeyanalytics.com) recently added support for R in our cloud based math / science computation web app. We're pretty excited about this (it was the #1 requested user feature post-launch).

Stop by and check us out!

~Francesca Moyse | Founder, Monkey Analytics | francesca@monkeyanalytics.com

I obtained an academic license from you recently. If I create an AMI for personal use, could I install Revolutions R Enterprise in it? It would be very useful. Being able to run jobs in Amazon EC2, frees us from the limits of our own machines. I have a pretty good desktop, but it doesn't compare with the type of machines you can create in EC2.

Hi Carlos,

If you're using it under the terms of the academic license (i.e. for educational or research use) then you can install it on EC2. Let us know how it goes!

how can we install revolution analytics into amazon ec2 (i know this question is very lame)

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