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June 25, 2009


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That second chart is a perfect candidate for being turned into a three-scale nomogram (like some of the ones at http://myreckonings.com/wordpress/2008/01/09/the-art-of-nomography-i-geometric-design/ )

A three-scale nomogram for this graphic provides a very readable and usable format --- see http://www.myreckonings.com/Pynomo/CaloriesIntakeAndOuttake.pdf . To use a nomogram you place a straightedge across values on any two of the scales to intersect the corresponding value on the third scale. The scales also make it easy to mix exercise types and times. Consider working off a 920 Calorie Big Mac and Fries. If a man were to run for 50 minutes, the nomogram shows 565 Calories were expended; then he could continue walking 47 minutes to work off the extra 355 Calories. (This nomogram was created with the Pynomo software at http://www.pynomo.org)

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