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June 22, 2009


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Good tip David. Someone pointed me to Gmane recently and it's got a good search interface. I've started getting the daily digest via email just to ensure that I have good reading on my blackberry when I'm in the bathroom. But just remember, don't read them at the urinal. That's when coworkers start calling you 'that guy'.

There is also the excelent:


Maybe a bit OT. Anybody knows a way to 'convert' the r-help mailing in a RSS feed?

The r-help mailing lists are already available as RSS feeds. I've been keeping up on the list that way for years.


As too often happens I forgot to:



You might also mention StackOverflow.com. IMHO it's the clear next step from traditional forums (e.g. Gmane), with voting, commenting, and wiki-like features allowing it to become a valuable resource over time. The only problem: it doesn't yet have the critical mass of R users. To avoid all the non-R material, I use the following URL:

And the corresponding feed:

For one, collaborative sites like StackOverflow could help create cohesive answers to the standard newbie questions, which are often hard to get answered by tracing through the forums. (I know from personal experience!) There is also the R Wiki at R-project, but I feel like its purpose is more for creating documentation, rather than quick answers.

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