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July 20, 2009


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Hi Dave,

Unfortunately, I don't think revolution (with products like the 64-bit windows port) can be compared with the others take a dual-license approach cited in that article (MySQL, alfresco, redHat). These companies give substantial improvements to paid users (be it in service, bug-fixes, or features), and give back to the community as well. While Revo scores very high in community involvement, it fails to fulfill the "substantial improvements". Anyone using the 64-bit windows port would sooner of later feel that they are a world behind in terms of support (no, the advice in the R-help list will not apply since revo 64 uses a different toolchain), and features (lots of important packages are nowhere to be seen).

So in summary, windows 64 users do miss a lot of the R advantages, even after paying for a license.

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