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August 25, 2009


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Hi there.

I have a question -
I wish to use the foreach with snow, to allow multicore on windows XP.

could you please give an example on how that might be done using the doSNOW ?


The trick to using doSNOW on Windows is to properly configure snow. Once you've done that, you can just create a socket cluster object with:

clusterobj <- makeSOCKcluster(3)

and then register it as in David's blog. You could try to create an MPI cluster, but I believe that that would be even harder to setup.

I don't use Windows much, and I've never used snow on Windows, but I believe that the main trick is to get ssh installed. I think you need to install both the ssh client and server, but it's possible that newer versions of snow don't require that.

Sorry I can't help you more. I primarily use Linux and Mac OS X.

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