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October 29, 2009


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Don't worry David. We'll talk about you behind your back like a gaggle of little school girls. Is gaggle the proper plural grouping or is it clutch? I forget.

So in San Fran you don't meet in a bar? WTF? I'm going to get all the meetups renamed beeR and then you'll have to meet in a bar.

Thanks for the link!

-JD Long

The R meetup in chicago went really well. Multiple folks there mentioned that you are a good guy and an asset to the community. So how much do you pay these guys? I've been paying a homeless guy to stand on the corner with a big sign that says "JD ROCKS!" and it only costs me a bottle of Ripple a day.

Yup, went really well, I left a little early but I got to hear JD's plyr presentation, and I'm using it now as a result.

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