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October 19, 2009


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Excititng to hear that multi-core computing iscoming to R!
Can you comment on the licensing chain? Throughout the development of *nix, from bsd to debian to ubuntu, the software ecosystem has supported a variety of licenses. Does the package's inclusion in karmic imply gpl, and where does the rest of the REvolutions work fall? As iphones have roundly proved, un-open source isn't *bad*, while choice is good.

Speaking of iphones, spell-check and bluetooth keyboards wouldn't hurt. If you're listening, Apple... Choice.

Please fix the download link in the top of the post (there is an extra http:// in the link).

Thank you,

I installed REvolution R using the Synaptic Package Manager but how do I launch it? There's no icon in the Ubuntu Applications menu. (Linux Newbie)


Best to ask that question on the REvolution R forums. They can help you there.

What do you mean in this part "We're very excited to be expanding the supported platforms of REvolution R to Ubuntu Linux, and we hope that the performance improvements and parallel computing tools make R even better for many users"

Did the Revolution R for Ubuntu project die? Also for mac?

@John, since this post was published, Revolution R on Mac and Ubuntu Linux have been discontinued and are no longer available. The currently supported platforms are Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Windows.

The top of the post should be edited - that the content that follows is not valid anymore and that RevR for Ubuntu is no longer available. I had to read through to the end only to discover it has been discontinued, since googling RevR for Ubuntu, this is the first link I get.

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