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October 06, 2009


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Very interesting. Looks they they have been caught out!

I just wanted to I love your blog. I am a stats newbie, although trying to learn more and am also learning R. For one the graphing capabilities are miles ahead of excel.

Keep up the great work. I know how much hard work blogging is!

I was curious how Benford's Law fits into this. The law states that numbers are not actually uniformly distributed, but instead the lower digits are more prevalent. I'm not exactly sure of the technical assumptions behind this so it's possible it doesn't apply at all in the polling fraud case.

Keith, I don't think it applies. Benford's law covers the first significant digit, which in this case is always going to be within a very limited set of numbers.

I am a math/stat newbie so I am probably wrong ;)

A flawed political poll in the US never. "Dewey Wins!"

hi friends,
I am new to R.I would like to know R-PLUS.Does any know where can I get the free training for R-PLUS.


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