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November 13, 2009


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Wow - this is great. You should do more challenges. The results really pool together a variety of methods for accomplishing tasks with varying difficulty and results.

This is all very impressive. However, none of the responses includes AK or HI. Does anyone know if there is a relatively easy way to include insets for them? (I am too new to R to think I can figure it out quickly.)



thanks a lot for the tutorial, it was helpful in getting started. Could you possibly include a method to force ggplot to use additional colors? I have generated a map very similar to yours, except that it is only shaded in 3 colors. I have tried to increase the breaks using

p = p + scale_fill_continuous(limits=c(0,3000))
p = p + guides(fill=guide_colorbar( nbin=100 )),

but it has no effect. Any ideas?

It's been a while since this contest. Have you made any progress in finding your favourite maps-related R package?
I would like to use maps in a project soon, so I definitely appreciate all the work that went into this challenge alone, but I'd also like to find out whether there has been any further development in this area.

Seems R is not so good at projecting maps? Only one solution here (J's) is projected, though that might be due to the domain knowledge of the entrants?

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