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November 03, 2009


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Awesome, but it's not in my subscriber area for download!

Boris, the support team will be contacting you shortly to get you going.

They got back to me, thanks. November 12! Darn. I was so excited. Luckily I should have a new Windows 7 64bit machine with 8gb RAM to play with it by then. :)

All these features seem really very nice and I like it.Thank you very much for giving such a good information.You have done a good job.Keep up the good work.

Is RPE based on the Eclipse framework?

No, it's based on a Visual Studio shell (hence the Windows-based release).

Is there a free 30 days package? Or a special deal for University faculty/students ?

There are significant discounts for academics and students for all REvolution products (even more for institutions that join our Academic Partner program). You can find the information on our academic programs page.

Nice product!

I have built an IDE for R based on Eclipse and DLTK framework with the same feautures as yours (debugger has not been included yet). It also supports multiple R interpreters in the same workspace in order to select which of them runs your code. Additionally, the IDE also supports custom code formatting.

It has been built in order to work in Linux systems.

PD: Sorry about my poor English

What is the life cycle for Revolution R (not Enterprise)? In particular, will there be a release of Revolution R based on R 2.9.2?

Kevin, yes, there will. REvolution R based on R 2.9.2 is already out for Ubuntu Linux, and versions for Windows and Mac will be out next year.

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