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December 18, 2009


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What our social scientists want is two packages, namely:




But seriously (what, me serious?) are there R packages to do what AMOS for SPSS does? And that do Multi-level modelling as SAS 9.2 does? I say SAS 9.2 because we had a request from a user for 9.2 because 9.1 didn't have enough levels or something... Anyway, those are the things our social scientists seem to use. I know nothing about them. I must be doing anti-social science. Or 'science' as we call it. I knew I couldn't be serious for long.

@Barry- See lmer,nlme, and Winbugs4r (and of course, win bugs) for multilevel modelling (also see the Multi-level modeling book by Gelman and Hill). RE: Amos, there are several R packages for structural equation modelling, such search the cran site.

Barry: For SEM, take a look at OpenMX:


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