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March 22, 2010


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This looked so cool I had to try it out. I failed. The dotplot command is not available. I think I found it in the plotrix package that I downloaded, but using it doesn't work. There must be a statement to activate the package?

Also the svn command has to be in the right directory to run the log command. How do you change the directory on the R command line?

Then the svn log call gives this strange error message: "svn: When specifying working copy paths, only one target may be given" - running that from the command line before invoking R fixes it.

Martin, the "dotplot" command is in the "lattice" package. You need to load that package first with:


You can change the working directory for R with the setwd() function, for example:


or wherever you need the R process to be running. Or if the problem is that svn isn't in your default path, you can just specify it explicitly in the system command:

system("/usr/bin/svn log > fs2_open.svnlog")

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