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March 11, 2010


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If you are going to talk about rreport, you should, at some point, highlight Sweave, which is what rreport is based on, as well as Frank's other highly useful package for literate programming, Hmisc.

In that context, the R-package "reporttools" may also be helpful:


It is aimed at displaying descriptive statistics of continuous, nominal and date variables.

Is anyone having difficulty downloading this from cvs at Vanderbilt? I keep getting a connection timed out message.

It is worth mentioning there is now an excellent (almost) WYSIG front end for LaTeX called LyX. Cross platform and works very nicely, I used for my last PhUSE paper on SAS 9.2 graphics. (PDF of paper is not up yet but should be soon).

So this gives you an easy way to edit LaTeX. (ie with all the tags hidden) so you can concentrate on your writing.

Use R-studio and knitr for this. It makes it a lot easier. All free of course.

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