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March 16, 2010


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psst...selenium is listed twice, for the same condition, with opposing results...

Hi David,

Thanks for sharing this with your readers!

A small note: In my blog post I published (IMHO) a more suited plot to present the data (There might be a point in giving it instead of the barplot).


alessandro - Please notice that when a supplement got a grade 3, it doesn't mean it is "not effective" only that the evidence for it's effectiveness is "so so". For better understanding, one will have to go into the google spreadsheet and read about the research that was done.

Secondly, in the new graph I offer (jump to the blog post to see it), I offer the highest (e.g: best) evidence available for that supplement/benefit - so that makes the plot much easier to interpret.


Caltech is preferred to the CamelCase CalTech.

I like the balloon plot a bit better; it's easier to look at the benefits for a given supplement.

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