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June 10, 2010


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Interesting interview, thanks.

I am just wondering, why do you misinform you readers with the links you provide? The link "R project" in your post leads to some (nearly empty) website called inside-R instead to the proper R-project homepage which is on www.r-project.org. In fact, on R hompage readers can find a pretty comprehensive information on what R-project is, see here http://www.r-project.org/about.html.

Hi aga,

I linked to the page on inside-r.org because I wrote that page. :) The R-project website is the first link on this page on R resources, but I should probably add it to the "What is R" page too. Thanks.

OK, sure. Perhaps it is a natural thing for an author to be biased towards his own writings... Nevertheless, I just noticed that in all your post on this blog when you mention R-project you never link to the proper homepage of the project. Don't you find it a bit strange? Especially given the fact that you simultaneously try to promote using R. To me this is pure misinformation, if not guerrilla-PR.

@aga: The page David links to is useful because it actually describes what R is! That's not something easy to learn about from the R homepage.

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