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September 14, 2010


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Why don't you guys crawl back under the rock where you came from, and stop making a profit on the work of a free software community.

Keep up the great work guys -- you're making a real contribution to the R community AND to business!

Hope this takes off!

I think work done by you guys is commendable given your constraints. Keep IT up-- all the way UP

David, does RevoDeployR prevent deployed R scripts from entering infinite loops? What would happen if I deployed a script that included "while(TRUE) {}"? Rserve (which RevoDeployR is built on) and its Java client do not prevent this.

The deployR Management console allows the Administrator to define boundary conditions in which scripts can run. These boundary conditions inlcude maximum cpu time for a session and the maximum memory a session is allowed to allocate. In addition, using a 3rd party package like AppArmor the server can be locked down further

Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the script author to deploy well behaved code. To allow maximum flexibility of the R developer, we don't do any parsing of the R code. If there are sensitive scripts that need to be deployed is recomended to restrict those to a defined set of users, using the roles capability in the Management console.

This is such a great product!
I would like to use a web based system instead of a dedicated process.

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