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December 10, 2010


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Hi David, have you tested this package? I always have a problem when I want to train my local data, my.model <- PredictionApiTrain(data="MYPATH/MYFILE.csv"), it says Error in PredictionApiTrain(data = "test.csv") :
'remote.file' should be character

feel weird, I put the test.csv in the directory of my R, and can read it with read.table(), any idea? thanks.

Sorry, haven't tried it myself (I need to apply for access to the API). Perhaps others can share their experiences...

thanks anyway, I checked the code PredictionApiTrain just now, at the beginning there are lines:
if (missing(remote.file) || !is.character(remote.file))
stop("'remote.file' should be character")
However, remote.file is an argument without default value, function (data, remote.file, verbose = FALSE).

@Quant, please add remote.file when you call PredictionApiTrain() with a training file stored locally.

## Replace MYPATH and MYFILE with your local training file, and MYBUCKET with your own Google Storage buckets.
my.model <- PredictionApiTrain(data="MYPATH/MYFILE.csv", remote.file="gs://MYBUCKET/MYOBJECT")

I have the same issue with my.model <- PredictionApiTrain(data="MYPATH/MYFILE.csv"). How can I resolve this? I've been looking for an answer but I can't find it hopefully you can help me thanks.

i have loaded the library
my.model <- PredictionApiTrain(data="gs:// folder name/file_name.csv")

output is:

> ~/.auth-token does not exist, let's create one for you
Please input your email account to access Google Prediction API
(eg. [email protected]): Please input your password for this account
: Requesting Authentication from Google ClientLogin for user:
Error in strsplit(url, "")[[1L]] : subscript out of bounds.

in what format shall i enter the Gmail User ID and Passowrd. This is very confusing.
Please help me out.. Thanks a Lot

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