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March 03, 2011


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Great piece, very fine.. I am a big fan of the open-source philosophy!

But what bothers me is that.. after some people like Jaspersoft, Revolutionary Analytics, Cloudera just to name a few have gotten their hands on this open analytics stack and added value to it, they too become like their old-counterparts i.e proprietary in nature. I have nothing against them asking for money or something for their efforts but they too become closed! It sounds to me like you lay your hands open stuffs and thereafter, you make them closed! If that be the case, why criticize the old folks? You all are into the business of making money!!!

Great article all the same... worthy of reading and reflection time. Thanks!!!

iThink, iAct!

I think that Pentaho deserves a mention, although it may not be as integrated with the others.

iThink, Thanks for the perspective. One thing I'd add though is once software becomes open source (under the true FOSS licenses, at least), it can't later become un-free. Companies might create proprietary components that work with it (as Revolution does) but if the underlying platform is OSS it will, and must, always remain available to others to use as OSS.

Paul, yep, Pentaho is another great example of a component that fits into an OS Analytics Stack at the BI layer.

Great Post.

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