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May 06, 2011


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Neat. Next, they need to do Europe, the EU, the EEA, the Eurozone, and the Schengen Area...

This is very well explained. If only you could slow down a bit I could understand better.

I agreed with @Anna Filina's comment, until I listened with the CloseCaption feature enabled. The YouTube voice-to-text translation was (nearly) perfect! "Ad hoc" CloseCaption transcription has a high error rate. How DID you do it? Is there an option to submit a voice transcript when uploading a video to YouTube...?

This was very nicely done. Your Venn Diagram is excellent!

Your diagram is missing South Africa from the commonwealth

I believe South Africa is a member of the commonwealth, but not a commonwealth realm, i.e. they don't recognise the Queen as monarch and head of state. The commonwealth could probably be added as another layer to the Venn diagram fairly easily.

"The first of these is England" alphabetically but not geographically.

[Comment deleted: Offensive.]

Very nice. One minor correction -- Anglicanism is only the state religion in England, not in the rest of the UK or in any of the other realms/territories.

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