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June 17, 2011


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Pretty cool stuff, David.

Thank you for the post, this is another amazing example of how stats helped in WWII.

Here's another example if you're not aware of it, I've seen it used a few times in class during talks about sample size.


Hi! The main statistician of Churchill was Lindermann. Some time ago I have made a post about him: http://winstonisback.blogspot.com/2010/01/statistics-at-war.html

Thanks for the link about Lindermann, @Raphael. Really interesting to learn about him!

interesting post, we realize the role they had the statistics, clearly played and played, erganizar data not only in war but in everyday life

The 'hero' Churchill was a war criminal. Pity they did not include the statistics of the more than 3 million Indians that he killed as well.



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