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July 22, 2011


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For RXKCD, you'll also need packages ReadImages and RJSONIO.

Indeed you do -- the full details are in Paolo's blog post. I also found I needed to install RXKCD from source (on R 2.13.1 on a Mac).

Fun. I will have to try this out.

Regarding other fun things, a while back, I had a post about simulating a card trick in R .

Thank you David! Now RXKCD is available on CRAN. You can download it from here.

The guys on talkstats.com are actively developing games in R;

Less developed but works;

Oops something went wrong with my last link. This is the correct one:

Thanks for posting a link to my winking pink elephant.

The irony is that it's not strictly 5 parameters. It's 5 complex numbers plus their rotated complement, which is 10 complex numbers or 20 real-valued coordinates. A few more parameters than von Neumann claimed and closer to the previous effort, which involved some 30 or so parameters.

The real-valued fun was implementing it in R. :)

anyone know how i can get information about using R in hidden markov models. I need to write a dissertation about that.

Hello Guys,

Nice to see the comments here.

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