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July 21, 2011


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IMO Data Science is a union of Computer Science + Statistics + (X) + Analysis. X is the subject matter knowledge of the application (Finance, NLP, Robotics, Sociology, Biology....you name it). However, analysis is the most important aspect in the corporate/commercial world which is full of constraints not considered when solving academic problems. A cool science experiment has to be eventually put into production and doing so in on legacy systems is no joke. If you want to make changes to legacy systems, you better have the social skills to influence that change in the company or else, solve problems with very tight constraints, meeting all SLAs. And then there is the ever present pressure of 'show me the money'. Quite different from pure Statistics or pure CS or pure (X).

So, Data Scientists may not work on cutting edge stuff...but they have an exciting job nonetheless and power to effect a lot of change (if they have the stomach for it).

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