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August 15, 2011


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The feature I like most in ESS is the support for roxygen. I use it almost every day. Documenting functions with roxygen is really fun, which writing the raw Rd files is really pain. I plan to post something in the near future about the new exciting roxygen2 package (the old roxygen package is no longer maintained).

The combo Emacs+ESS+Org mode provides an incredible powerful environment to work with R code. Once you tried it, there is no turning back.

Yes. As pretty as RStudio is, I still prefer Emacs+ESS

In my personal experience Aquamacs for Mac OS X is still a better experience. You need then to install ESS yourself, but installation is very easy: extract the archive and point to it in .emacs. On the other hand I use Emacs solely for ESS. Strange coincidence that CrossValidated posted blog about ESS at the similar time as the talk was given in useR. ESS it seems is ready for mainstream. Thanks for mentioning CrossValidated post by the way.

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