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August 03, 2011


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You are doing a good job on posting JSM summaries, David.

It is a shame I did not manage to talk to other Revo delegates finally, but I will keep an eye on what you guys are doing.

Thanks, Yihui! It was nice talking to you at the conference.

That's really interesting. Is there any way that we could see the talks or their presentations?

The topic is interesting, but I am distracted by the SEO-y links to your site for common phrases.

@Erik, I'm not sure -- the presenters didn't offer any links to download the slides in their presentations. You'd have to ask the Googlers directly.

This is interesting - Is there any way to implement this on ones own website?

I'm assuming it will come out in the JSM 2011 proceedings. I unfortunately had to miss all the cool Google and FB talks as well.

Is R a good tool for solving optimization problems? It doesnt scale at all.
I used it to solve a quadratic optimization problem. It didnt allow more than 100 variables..

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