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August 25, 2011


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Thanks for the write-up and kind words David. More information about this will be coming soon to our blog but we welcome any early feedback, ideas and questions.

Oh, and the 100 million is old news. We're at about 130 million time series now with approximately 17.500 data sets already published ;)

Scratch that, the latest number of available time series is just over 107 million (from approx 17,500 data sets). Still a decent amount of data to play with :)

How free is the data?
More specifically: Could I use a small dataset I found via datamarket as an example dataset in my CRAN package .. of course with attribution, but *NOT* via explicit internet connection and download via datamarket, of course.

@Martin, Hjalmar can probably provide a beter answer than I can, but it looks like each dataset has its own license. For example, the unemployment data set from this post has the following statement: "You are allowed to copy and redistribute the data as long as you clearly indicate the data provider (Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis) as the original source". So it seems like you could download that one, at least, and use it in a CRAN package with attribution.

This arctile went ahead and made my day.

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