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August 04, 2011


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How many use Revolution R and how many use R?

For a different perspective, Don't Shun the "S" word.

Interesting that Salford Systems isn't included on this list. Does anyone else use this software package? http://www.salford-systems.com/salford-predictive-miner.html

David, what is the link to the post where you discussed the number of downloads R has had (and correlated it with number of data scientists maybe)? Having trouble finding it and want to cite it. I thought it was this post, but doesn't look like it.

@Ryan, this is the post you're looking for - but the details are embedded in the Prezi on the R Ecosystem. I'm working on a detailed blog post on the topic, but in the meantime this PDF version, R-ecosystem.pdf (8343.4K PDF) might be useful - check pages 25-27.

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