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September 21, 2011


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Any chance you could transcode this talk into a Mac friendly format? The video is currently in a WMV container, but it's using the g2m4 codec, which is currently unplayable on a Mac.

(Apparently the ffmpeg project just added support for this codec last month, but installing the bleeding edge version of that requires cloning a git repository, compiling from source, etc, etc - I'm assuming you'd like to disseminate this seminar widely.)


@Tarek We're hoping to have a version of this talk up on YouTube shortly -- we'll update this post when it's live.

Fantastic, thanks!

Hey David, any updates on getting this talk up on YouTube? I know I'm not the only R user with a Mac out there... :)

Hi Tarek, We hit a snag -- we uploaded the WMV to YouTube but the conversion failed. We're trying to find a way to convert it to a format that YouTube will accept. I'll post here when we get it working.

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