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October 21, 2011


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Great post Hadley. These are really some innovative and creative plots.

On the first plot: I love the spark lines. They give the viewer a picture of the whole conditional distribution of z in each cell. What about overlaying the spark lines over a heat map in order to better show trends in central tendency? I guess you would lose the ability to show cell density though...

On the second plot: The total count is difficult to see. Instead of shading just the border of the cell, might it be easier to see if the background of the cell was shaded instead? Or, you could just show the unnormalized bar charts.

Oh, yes, please.

One question/comment on the second plot. Is the bottom row center item the only one with a high count, and if so, which count bin does it fall in? The outlining just doesn't show that for me.

It would be nice to see zoo among these packages.

Thanks for these plots. Can someone provide or point to the code that created the continuous-density plot?


This looks great! Any news on this? Is there a package available now providing this functionality?

How to create the last graph in R is outlined at

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