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November 28, 2011


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How much is it on a single course basis?

$3,300 for a single course. Really? When you could buy a couple of books on R and financial analysis for less than $60? And when Stanford are offering *free* courses on statistics, computer science and machine learning?

The only thing more ridiculous than the price is that Revolutions are giving publicity to this.

The course is expensive but Finance courses are generally very expensive compared to normal courses. Still It amuses me that I will be teaching a beginners course in R in January for $350 for ten hours of classwork and ten hours of homework using e-learning at http://www.decisionstats.com/teaching-r-for-analytics/

Maybe , but I feel that charging 3300 should be mentioned explicitly- it is not mentioned at all, and once I saw the price, I didnt bother going there. I guess it is back to Stanford online and MIT online for people in Asia like me.

As the R space expands, I think we will see more of such activities and that's capitalism for you. Occupy University Street!

I had no idea how to approach this before-now I'm lcoekd and loaded.

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