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November 22, 2011


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Isn't it fun to live in this age when we can exchange ideas so easily? Take care,


Great reply David - thank you.

Sue's demo is great, and I like it very much. Just one thing to mention! Her example is related to Windows HPC server. And not every one of us has access to this kind of hardware. Is that possible for her to give examples on Amazon Web Services? For example, she could set up five S3 buckets. And she can make one of those nodes into head node which distributes the tasks to four sub nodes, gathers results, and sends back to the requesting laptop. Big data analysis and parallel computing on Amazon Cloud sounds more accessible for everyone.

From Susan earlier slide in useR2011, there is a lot of dirty work to define each variable properly and make them into the dataset "birthAll", such as SEX = list(type="factor", start=35, width=1, levels=c("1", "2"), newLevels = c("Male", "Female"),description = "Sex of Infant“). I spent several hours tonight to match columns and their names. Is that possible for Susan to share this "birthALL"? Certainly, it will be fun to have this dataset and actually play with it in various distributed environments.

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