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January 03, 2012


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Very interesting - thank you for your post.

This type of plot easily leads to a probabilistic bayesian interpretation of frequentist parameter estimates. The visuals just seem to suggest it.

Bayesians have long used boxplots to visualize parameter estimates.

The frequentist standard error added to and subtracted from the point estimate is something different, however.

I have worked for a while on the coefplot2 package (on r-forge), which is an extension and partial reworking of the coefplot function from the arm package. It focuses more on the back-end machinery of extracting coefficients in a common format from as many different model types as possible. It would be great to see these approaches pooled.

@Ben The coefplot from arm was my inspiration too. I worked with one of Andy Gelman's collaborates over the course of my development. The backend machinery is where the bulk of the effort lies. I'd be happy to work together. I cannot find your email so please contact me.

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