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September 10, 2012


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biglm.big.matrix is not a biglm library. So, you should call 'library(biganalytics)' instead of 'library(biglm)'.

This is very fascinating type of research. I am supremely surprised to see the integration of computer science with medical science. Are you using sample management software to log in your results? I am amazed of how far this type of field has developed. I guess we can still use Moore's Law to see how well our microchips will perform in the future and compare it to our own performance. Thank you for informing me on this subject.


How can I use RevoScaleR (or bigmemory, ff, RHadoop...) but not only with its internally defined commands but with another package?

For example how can I use zoo to aggregate to large series using Revoscaler to read the files (and stream it)?


Hello Skan,

The RevoScaleR package is only available with Revolution R Enterprise. There is a white paper (http://www.revolutionanalytics.com/why-revolution-r/whitepapers/Data-Step-White-Paper.pdf) that describes how to aggregate data with RevoScaleR functions to build time series that may be processed with zoo.

There is also a very nice ff tutorial by Jan Wijffels on R-Bloggers from last August (http://www.r-bloggers.com/if-you-are-into-large-data-and-work-a-lot-with-package-ff/) that may be helpful.

If you can formulate a specific question your best bet for help might be the r-help mailing list.

Best regards,

Hi. I know that Revoscaler is available with Revolution R. Buth there are many other packages and I don't know which one to investigate.
I'll have a look to that paper.
But then, can you use ff, Revoscaler to feed other packages or you have to export small pieces of data and work with them?

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