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September 14, 2012


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For base graphics the TeachingDemos package has had the subplot and my.symbols functions for a few years.

Hello Garrett,

This is an excellent approach to plot large data sets. The data for the wardiary on the wikileaks link seems to be down, would it possible for you post the .csv of the data, so I can try out your examples.


Great Stuff! Would you mind posting the code you wrote? (Unless I've missed it!).


There is a cleaned version of the data set in the ggsubplot package. It's saved as casualties.


I put the code here for you: http://github.com/garrettgman/ggsubplot/issues/2

I also updated the package vignette (in the development version) to include the missing graphs. It is here: http://github.com/garrettgman/ggsubplot/blob/master/inst/doc/manual.pdf (click "View Raw" to download)


Nice package. However, it requires R v2.15 while Revolution R runs 2.14. Is is possible to build your package under R 2.14?

I noticed ggsubpolot was removed from the CRAN repository. Or maybe I am missing something? Any chance it will be back soonish? I am running R version 2.15.3. Thanks.

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