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December 18, 2012


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No mention of @ogrisel, ruler of all twitter?

Influencers do influence people, means they do change mindsets and opinions. What may first look attractive at least from a marketing point of view means that prospects, leads and sales generated this way do belong to easy to influence, meaning not very loyal, customers. Their customer life-cycle is going to be probably short and the ROI of winning them relatively low compared to loyal customers.

On the other hand from a management-perspective it will be of growing interest to find hidden-champions out there, people with bright and creative ideas who just have not been identified yet, those few or nobody knows of. This need applies to HR Management as well as Product Development and Marketing. Competition for brain power will grow and the competition for free thinkers little influenced by others with own clear visions will become decicive in business success - at least in my opinion.

I find it incredibly interesting that datapoints gathered from Twitter can also be used to a certain extent for studies and revealing visualizations. For example, watching trends of specific keywords used in people's tweets leading up to the election can give candidates an idea of their popularity, where they are being talked about most, favorable or unfavorably, etc.

I can see this style of impromptu research evolving with the development of more mass social networks.

I'm surprised Nate Silver @fivethirtyeight isn't on here - or is that a different type of data analysis? I'd say he is the first data professional to reach mainstream rockstar status and influence.

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