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March 29, 2013


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Very nice to see so many supporters! It would be interesting to see the same plot for the rest of the world as well. Quite a number of people here in Sweden are changing their profile pictures too!

This is awesome! Quick note, though- I think you meant "favourable to the advance of Gay rights", not Day rights.

Personally I am sad to see a data analytics blog turning political... I thought the point here was to show cool stuff you can do with R and Revolution Analytics, not to promote one ideology over another. It is also disturbing to see this disguised under a neutral-titled visualization post. And no, not all of America is proud of.

Thanks Mary -- and thanks for pointing out the typo, which I fixed above.

Personally I am glad to see a data analytics blog turning political! ... It is awesome when leaks make information public that politicians and military tried to conceal. But a lot of powerful information is hidden in heaps of already publicly available data.

I find quite disturbing that no quantitative scale is shown on the plots. This is sad for a blog on quantitative data analysis. Without any scale, it is difficult to understand what the plots means, and the real amount of support.

Interesting! I wonder how much of the variation is explained by population density (i.e. is it a city) and university towns (Gainesville jumps out).

well the south still doesn't much go along

Where's the scale? I don't even know if the over-time chart even starts at 0. I believe the data looking at the trend in the south though, but I wouldn't say they're in support exactly.

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