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June 14, 2013


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Most of the top 10 make sense, but why is 'digest' #2?

@Kevin, not sure. It's a dependency (check "reverse depends") for a number of popular packages like profR and testthat, which may explain it. I think RStudio may also install "helpr" on some platforms as well -- it's also a dependency for that package.

@Kevin If you look at the reverse dependencies of digest on http://cran.r-project.org/web/packages/digest/index.html, you will see several packages which use it including the number 3 package, ggplot2, and knitr, which is integrated with Rstudio. Anyone downloading any of those packages would also download their dependencies which include digest.

someone should really have fixed this map before it spread out. I know it's a small island at an inconvenient mapping location, but still, R was born in New Zealand!

The fault is entirely mine. The screenshot was clipped incorrectly. The interactive map has NZ though.

The time series graph is quite interesting. I am guessing, it reveals the pattern of people's workload. Monday is slow, coming off the weekend, on Tuesday work picks up, and peaks on Wednesday. Thursday and Friday people start to prepare for the weekend and slow down. Nevertheless, there are some dedicated souls who work during Sat & Sun, or simply curious analysts, who work on personal projects.

@Kevin Actually, the top 10 didn't make any sense to me. One should obviously take dependencies into account as David also suspected. I believe the top of this list is dominated by ggplot2 as it imports the packages plyr, digest, reshape2, proto, and scales which are all in the top 10 as well.

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