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August 02, 2013


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For stat & research, Use R!!

Can this be now? I am looking for jobs, all they ask is "do you know SAS?" I don't see one thing that SAS is better than R. So, hurry and dominate the market please!

I thinkall you can say is that R+statistcs jobs are more on Indeed.com. I see many jobs with SAS more than R for now.You need include "SAS programmers" as search for programmers who work in pharma company and analyze data and drug trials. R is great for research but many comapanies use for SAS for data cleaning, merging, and aggregating and don't want R for that.

Hi David,

Thanks for this great post. I've gone through contortions trying to collect this data on my own so this tool will save me a bunch of time! Here's what I've done with it so far:

Bob Muenchen

You get a somewhat different picture if you try:
R analytics, SAS analytics
R predictive, SAS predictive

Search results from one job-search website are insufficient to confirm a decline in SAS-related jobs, in my opinion.

Nevertheless, a decline in SAS jobs could result from reduced Federal and state government spending.

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