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January 27, 2014


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In this same vein, http://www.r-project.org/user-2006/Slides/Chambers.pdf .

As a relatively new user to R who didn't know too much about S at all, this was really great. Thanks!

Well, February 29 2001 is really 2000, isn't it?

I'm very grateful that this - notably John Chambers -
finally made it a bit prominently to the R blogosphere!
Thank you, David Smith!

@Roger Bivand: Definitely, it was Feb.29 2000, I was there. I've got CD-ROM #4 (I think) after John, Ross and Robert..

Apropos Feb.29 2000: A leap day according to the leap year rule you learn in (a decent) school,
but not according to Microsoft Windows (XP?) which was current at the time..

Thanks Martin and Roger. I made a typo on the date of R 1.0.0 in the post, which I've corrected above.

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